ECM upgrade
Posted 2017-09-03 1:32 PM (#192211)
Subject: ECM upgrade


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Can I replace my 2008 Vision ECM with a 2009 or 2010 ECM?

I know that Victory had some issues with the Vision ECM when it was first introduced, and changed the ECM a few times. Some of the manufacturers of the air/fuel controllers that simply plug into the ECM as a piggy-back unit, where you don't have to mess with the injectors, (PC-V, Dyno Jet, etc) never made a unit for the 2008 because of the various ECM's that were put in them. I was told that after 2009, they were pretty much the same unit until 2014 or so, or maybe 2012.

Any info would be helpfull.

witchbiker 2008 Vision Tour 86K+

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