Parts for sale.......
Posted 2018-04-04 9:27 PM (#192469)
Subject: Parts for sale.......

Puddle Jumper

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I have a bunch of Vision parts that I want to sell. I can email pictures, but most of it is boxed.

OEM leather seat with two backrests, one has a small hole in it....mouse. $600 OBO shipped.

Complete set of brushed aluminum body panels...BRO

HMD mirror delete speaker panels (primed), I planned on installing these along with a Clarion XC2410, 2 Polk 6.5 DB6501 Component speakers and a set of Clarion 6.5" DB651s. I wired it to test and it was great! $400 OBO

Utopia backrest. $150 OBO

More to come when I unpack it all to ship......

Garmin 665LM with XM $400 OBRO.
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