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(Really Simple Syndication) lets you harvest your favorite information from all over the web and gathers it all in one spot You no longer have to visit every web page on every one of your favorite sites to see what's new! RSS Web Feeds are read by RSS feed readers readily available as applications, plug-ins and integrated into most browsers, for desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices These feeds include alerts, headlines, summaries and links back to the sponsoring RSS site (such as for the full article. RSS feeds are free.

Here's how it works:

First identify an RSS Reader appropriate for your device. Most smart phones come with an RSS reader application, and most email programs for your PC or MAC such as Outlook or Thunderbird have the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Step two is to subscribe to the RSS feeds of your choice -- there are feeds covering all types of subjects, and you can add many different topics and categories to your reader. When you see the RSS icon or an "XML" link on a web page, the site has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe. Follow the instructions for your particular reader to add the new feed.

The Reader will keep a continuous update of all of the news feeds you subscribe to, giving you all the latest news right in one spot.

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